Mission Statement:

Big Run Wolf Ranch is a non-profit, federally licensed, educational facility which specializes in the education and conservation of North American wildlife.

Hey Big Run Supporters! WE NEED YOUR HELP ASAP by May 31! There is a bill the Illinois Senate is trying to pass (SB 1824) that we need to stop. Copy and paste the letter below, sign your name, and email it immediately to your senators. Without organizations like ours, Many species of animals will cease to exist and be gone forever. Ensure that future generations have a chance to see these magnificent creatures. Don't allow these people to take that opportunity away! Let's make a difference for animals together.

If you prefer to call, please contact the bill sponsors by phone and tell them to vote NO to SB 1824. Also contact your own representatives.

Rep. Michael J. Zalewski 217-524-0449 & 708-442-6500
Sen. Kwame Raoul 217-782-5338 & 773-363-1996
Sen. William Delgado 217-782-5652 & 773-292-0202

Dear Senator ____________,
I am writing you today with extreme urgency in regards to SB 1824. It is imperative that this bill be vetoed immediately. The passing of this bill would be detrimental on the financial aspect alone, but when we bring animal's lives into it, it becomes much more critical to stop this bill. If SB 1824 were passed, it would allow only AZA zoos to exhibit their animals. Conservation of exotic animals happens through education, and not just by having animals sitting in cages with facts written on a sign. The animals being used in educational exhibits (many rescued), could be some of the last of their species if this bill is enacted, Did you know that tigers could become extinct in approximately 5-10 years? By exempting only AZA zoos, you will have a helping hand in leading to the extinction of many incredible species. For the sake of the financial woes currently happening in the state of Illinois as well as thousands of animals that need your help, I beg you to vote NO when it comes to SB 1824.



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